Vincent Willem van Gogh ,1853-1890, the Dutch post impressionism Artist. He is the pioneer of Expressionism, and deeply influence on 20th century art, especially Fauvism and German Expressionism. The Paintings of Van Gogh like Starry Night, The Sunflowers and cafe terrace at night, is now among the most recogonized, top ranked and most expensive artworks. July 29, 1890, Van Gogh ended his life, in the beautiful France Auvers, then he was 37 years old. Thanks for support by Eyesee Art
Van Gogh abandoned all acquired techniques, totally ignoring academic criteria, even forget rational, In his eyes paintings, the the only vitality of the natural landscape. his paintings are expressing his feelings on subject but not the subject itself
Vincent Van Gogh group his works as another type which different from Impressionist works, he said: "To express myself more forcefully, i am using color more from direction of my heart." In fact, In his paintings, not only the color, even the perspective, proportions are out of shape, While just this revealing the agony but realistic connection between him and the real world. This is also the distinctive feature which named post-impressionism and exist independently.Vincent Van Gogh  custom oil paintings reproduction available
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